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Total Recoil Australia’s staff have extensive experience in the restoration and repair of loudspeakers and crossover networks both in Australia and overseas.

Just some of the services available include:

  • Reconing
  • Refoaming
  • Diaphragms
  • Crossovers

Custom match/rebuild your HiFi Sound System (More here)
All brands amplifier repairs too.

And of course we can assist you in the design of your next project
or the design of loudspeakers to suit your application.


Some of our repairs include:

  • speaker repair
  • amplifier repair
  • subwoofer repair
  • car speaker repair
  • surround speaker repair
  • broken cone
  • faulty speaker, faulty amplifier
  • broken speaker
  • tear in speaker
  • damaged speaker
  • damaged amplifier
  • vintage speaker repair
  • vintage amplifier repair
  • thill-small parameters
  • faulty cone, pushed in
  • dust cover pushed, tweeter pushed in, midrange, tweeter, crossover
  • X-over, terminal, speaker terminal, cabinet, speaker cabinet, grill
  • speaker grill, speaker cover, sound good, distort, speaker distort
  • distortions, sound not clear, buzz, buzzing, rattle, speaker rattles
  • boomy sound, blown up
  • smoke, speaker blew up, amplifier blew up, went into smoke, water
  • damage, broken speaker, driver, speaker driver, need repair, repaired
  • speaker, ferrofluid, watts, need upgrade, upgraded, ribbon tweeter, dome
  • tweeter, subwoofer, sub, speaker cabinet, speaker box, wedge, main
  • speaker, main driver, capacitor, blown speaker, blown capacitor, blown
  • amplifier, speaker wire, speaker terminal, banana plug, input,
    transistors, voice coil, spider, burnt coil, burnt cone, burnt speaker
  • burnt sub, water damage, swooped speaker, deteriorate, deteriorated
  • surround, new surround, old foam surround, need new rubber surround
  • rubber edge, foam edge, rotten edge, rotten surround, original part
  • original surround, replacement surround, replacement part
  • speaker parts, speaker spare parts, replacement speaker, replacement tweeter
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  • refurbish, bass cab, cab, al-nico magnet, alnico speaker, test speaker
  • speaker rattle inside, speaker lost power
  • And much more


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