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Did you know Total Recoil can customise your sound system to sound better and save you thousands of dollars too?

What we do and why we’re different to the rest.

Boyd is a qualified technician. He is NOT a salesman, he is a passionate audio enthusiast just like you. He has over 30 years experience and is known in Australia and internationally as THE speaker expert.

He will custom match and or build your audio system to maximise it’s performance,
enhance and upgrade your existing speakers and literally save you thousands of dollars.

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How do we match or build your audio system?

Here are two real life examples:

Case study 1

Pete wanted a better quality 2.1 sound and amplifier system.
He had searched around but what he wanted was very expensive and he could not get any technical advice, the salesmen he spoke to could only offer product specifications and prices but nothing more on matching a system.

Pete visited Total recoil and spoke to Boyd about his goals and his budget.
Boyd was then able to put two of the best sounding systems together using quality pre loved components, for Pete to audition. Pete was then able to choose the best of the two options.
Pete now had an amazing sound system custom matched by Boyd to get the best sound possible for his budget. Pete has saved many thousands of dollars compared to buying new, but still has an amazing sounding speaker system with carefully matched amplifier and speakers.

Case study 2

John had existing speakers with older drivers. He wanted to keep the boxes but upgrade the crossovers and speaker drivers to greatly improve the sound. Boyd completely rebuilt the speakers and John now has a high end speaker system and has also saved many thousands of dollars.

These are just two case studies how Boyd has helped customers nationally and internationally to greatly improve their audio systems and also save money in the process.

It really is that simple.

Call Boyd today at Total Recoil and you’ll find that he offers much much more than quality speaker repairs…

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