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Total Recoil is known both locally and internationally as one of the best loudspeaker repairs and service centres.

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Australia’s leading audio technicians

With over 30 years of experience

Established in 1995, Total Recoil has helped many loyal customers from around the country. From audiophiles and enthusiasts, to recording studios, musicians and some of Australia’s premiere nightspots.

Total Recoil can revive almost any speaker, whether it be for Pro Audio, Home Audio or even Car Audio.
More often than not, speakers repaired by Total Recoil will even exceed manufacturer’s specifications.

Total Recoil

Changing the misconception that speakers can’t be repaired

Total Recoil is privately owned & operated and began as a small repair business in 1995 out of less than 10m2 floorspace.

We soon recognised that there was a market for speaker repairs – as opposed to simply replacing them. Previously many speakers were simply thrown away until we discovered that parts could be purchased and stocked from the manufacturers. Over the years, we have built a massive supply of spare parts. The business has expanded to service many industry’s including P.A and Pro Audio, HiFi and Home Theatre and Car Audio.

Total Recoil has grown beyond our expectations and together with a skilled team of staff it continues to grow.
Don’t throw your speakers away. Let us work our magic with them and get them sounding even better than new!

Custom builds
& upgrades

We can customise your sound system to exceed manufacturers specifications!

We are passionate audio enthusiast just like you!
Total Recoil has over 30 years experience and is known in Australia and internationally as THE speaker experts.

We’ll custom match and or build your audio system to maximise its performance, enhance and upgrade your existing speakers and literally save you thousands of dollars.

Pete wanted a better quality 2.1 sound and amplifier system.
He had searched around but what he wanted was very expensive and he could not get any technical advice, the salesmen he spoke to could only offer product specifications and prices but nothing more on matching a system.

Pete visited Total recoil and spoke to Boyd about his goals and his budget.
Boyd was then able to put two of the best sounding systems together using quality pre loved components, for Pete to audition. Pete was then able to choose the best of the two options.
Pete now had an amazing sound system custom matched by Boyd to get the best sound possible for his budget. Pete has saved many thousands of dollars compared to buying new, but still has an amazing sounding speaker system with carefully matched amplifier and speakers.

John had existing speakers with older drivers. He wanted to keep the boxes but upgrade the crossovers and speaker drivers to greatly improve the sound. Boyd completely rebuilt the speakers and John now has a high end speaker system and has also saved many thousands of dollars.

These are just two case studies how Boyd has helped customers nationally and internationally to greatly improve their audio systems and also save money in the process.

Audio equipment
repairs & servicing

We have extensive experience in the restoration and repair of loudspeakers and crossover networks both in Australia and overseas.

Some of our services include:

  • Re-coning & Re-foaming speakers
  • Diaphragms & Crossovers
  • Speaker tears & pushed in tweeters
  • Speaker distortion & Speaker buzzing
  • Loudspeaker, Home HiFi and Car Audio repairs
  • Speaker rattles, water damage, burnt coils

From vintage amplifier & speaker repairs to sound bar, subwoofer and surround sound overhauls and adjustments, Total Recoil has you covered.
We have over 30 years experience attending to speaker covers & grills, blown capacitors, transistors, and voice coils.
So if your speaker or amplifier has blown up, your foam or rubber surrounds & edges need replacing, or you’re just in need of some audio help & advice, get in touch with Total Recoil today!

We also stock a wide range of replacement & spare parts to get your audio sounding brilliant again.

And of course, we can definitely assist you in the design of your next project or the design of loudspeakers to suit your application.

Some of the brands that we service

Aaron, Aaron loudspeakers, Accuphase, Adcom, Akai, Aiwa, Acoustic, Research, AR, Alesis, Alpine, Altec Lansing, Armstrong, Alto, Audax, Audio Research, Audiolab, Audison, AWA, Behringer, Braun, BGW, B&W, BIC, Bang and Olufsen, Blaupunkt, Bose, Cambridge, Cerwin Vega, Clarion, Cambridge Audio, Celestion, Carver, Creek, Crest Audio, Crown, Dali, Dantax, Dynaudio, Denon, Dayton Audio, DBX, Dual, Dynatech, EPI, Energy, Elac, Eclipse, Eton, Eumig, Electro-Voice, EV, Epos, Encel, JB hi-fi, Eminence, ESS, Fosgate, Fisher, Focal, Fostex, Genesis, Grunding, Goldstar, Genelec, Hitachi, HMV, Heybrook, Heco, Hafler, Harman Kardon, IMF, ITT, Infinity, Jordan, JVC, JBL, Jamo, Jensen, JL Audio, JBLab, Focal, JR Loudspeakers, JR, KEF, Kris, Kenwood, Klipsch, KRK, Linn, Luxman, Linx, Leak, Magnavox, Marantz, Martin Logan, Mcintosh, Mission, Mackie, Mayer Sound, Mirage, Magnat, Martin, MB Quart, Mitsubishi, Montarbo, Mordaunt Short, Musical Fidelity, NAD, Nakamichi, NEXO, Naim, Onkyo, Opera, Outline, Paradigm, Peavey, Pioneer, Proac, Panasonic, Parasound, Peerless, Proton, PSE, Perreaux, Phillips, Polk Audio, Proel, Q Acoustics, Quad, Quadral, RCF, Royd, Revox, Richter, Rogers, Roland, Rotel, RTR,, Rane, Fane, RCA, Sanyo, Sherwood, Sonab, Sonos, Sound, Dynamics, Soundstream, Sonus Faber, Sansui, Sony, Stromberg Carlson, Carlson, Superscope, Tannoy, TOA, Tascam, TDL, Tapco, Tesla, Toshiba, Toyota, TEAC, Uher, Vega, Velodyne, Vox, Western Electric, Wharfedale, WEGA, Yamaha and more!

What they say about us

Rated 4.5 stars from over 50 online Google reviews!

Dear Staff, I finally had my speakers connected last week after having them reconed by you a couple of months ago. They were B&O and 33 years old. You returned them in the same unmarked condition which was crucial to me. I have been playing all my LP’s this week. I can’t say how much pleasure it gives me to hear the speakers working properly again. The sound is wonderful. My late husband would have told you thanks for a great job. Needless to say, I’ve told everyone how good you people are. Thanks again.
Eileen Gillespie
Boyd, Thanks for the great job in repairing my Bass Amp 2 x 10” speakers. I’d been waiting ages for replacements from the US after creasing and tearing the speakers at a gig last year. I was reasonable happy with the original speakers before the folded although they tended to break up when pushed hard. Turned out they were obviously underspec’d. I gave up waiting and took them to you. The next morning you called to say they were ready and couriered them back to me the next day – you can’t get a better turn around that that! I loaded them back in the amp and straight to rehearsal. I can only describe the improvement in performance after the recond as AWESOME. The sound was tight, punchy, fat and handled the amp’s 500 watts RMS power effortlessly. Thanks guys, much appreciated.
Andrew Walker
Total Recoil, I must tell you how pleased I am with the repairs you carried out on my Wharfedale speakers last May. The results are truly amazing – they sound so much better than the modern speakers I’ve been using up to now. I haven’t built the boxes yet – I’ve only been using rough prototypes just to see how things work out. Wishing you at Total Recoil every success.
Lindsay Hunter
Thank you and your staff for the fine job carried out on the rebuilding of my AR94s. After reading what an enthusiast had done in the US with a pair of 94s I was very keen to hear that you guys would do a similar, if not better job. Hearing one plugged in at the store gave me hope but it wasn’t until I connected them to my old Yamaha amplifier that I realised what a fantastic job Total Recoil had done. I have never heard depth and clarity like it. The bass was strong yet clean and sharp. I actually couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I thought it may have just been me but my wife who is by no means a HiFi buff was also overwhelmed. Things only got better later in the afternoon when I connected the new Yamaha RX/V 1300 and matching DVD with the speaker cable you supplied. We are simply over the moon. What more can I say other than I will never buy speakers from anywhere else. Boyd once again thank you and your staff for making this the most rewarding experience we’ve had involving sound.
Haydn Breheny
Thank you for the the repairs on my Wharfedale loudspeakers. These old speakers, before your expert attention, were in a very poor state – so bad that had it not been for your advice I would have thrown them out. I am pleased to say that the results have been spectacular – the sound quality is so much better than that produced by my modern, expensive speakers that I have replaced them with the Wharfedales and they now form part of a very impressive high quality sound system. Thanks to Total Recoil for an excellent repair and rejuvenation of my very old Wharfedale speakers.
Lindsay Coleman
Total Recoil, a couple of weeks ago you worked on my AR 2ax speakers – reconing the bass drivers and replacing the dome tweeters. Thank you for the top class job you’ve done. These speakers now sound like they did when new! – Roger Wright Dear Total Recoil, just a quick note to you know that the Leak speakers that you repaired and modified, that I picked up from you last Friday evening do sound really superb!! There are sounds and instruments on familiar recordings that just weren’t there previously.
Chris Skopakow

I’m ecstatic with the rebuild of my Gale GS401A loudspeakers. The Gale’s were in need of some serious refurbishment after 25 to 30 years of constant use. I still cannot believe just how good they are now sounding. The sound stage they are creating is incredibly wide, deep and detailed. When Total Recoil delivered them back to me they looked and sounded better than when they came out of the factory. I just love my Gales and could not be happier with the result.

Peter Dunkinson

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